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Woolly The Jumper

Most farmers round up their flock with a well-trained sheepdog or two, sometimes even quad bikes, however in more extreme cases, such as that of Woolly the Jumper: A Sheep on the Edge, more drastic measures must be taken; for Farmer Brown, only a jetpack will suffice.

Using the iPhone’s touch screen, players must calculate the angle and power of Woolly’s jumps in order to bound across cliffs, avoid dangerous falls and deadly obstacles in this vibrant 2D platformer. You must help Woolly travel through the seasons quickly enough to avoid Farmer Brown closing in on his jetpack, and robbing Woolly of his fluffy coat.

Woolly the Jumper: A Sheep on the Edge is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch for $0.99/59p!

Woolly iTunes Link

Screenshot 004
Winter Level