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Picnic Panic

Picturesque countryside settings are perfect for picnics, but also full of creepy crawlies that will happily help themselves to your food - defend the drinks, protect the pie, and keep the sandwiches safely out of reach from the hoard of approaching bugs!

As bugs approach the picnic, use the touch screen to splat them before they reach and annihilate your food! Consecutively splatting the same type of bug will start a chain of bonus points, rack these points up while keeping the food safe to obtain the best position on the scoreboard.

Picnic Panic uses AGON Online, allowing players to upload high scores to compare with friends, local players as well as worldwide scores, the service also features integration with social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

- An array of bugs varying in size, speed, and strength
- Worldwide online high scoreboard for each level
- Progressively tougher bugs that grow more resistant to poking
- Fast and frantic gameplay with satisfying, gunk-filled bug-splatting!

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